Testosterone troche- Telemedicine physician consultation- 25 tablets

Testosterone troche refers to a medication that is designed to deliver testosterone hormone into the body through oral absorption. Troches are small, lozenge-like tablets that are typically placed under the tongue, where they dissolve and release the hormone into the bloodstream. Testosterone troches are commonly used as a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to address low testosterone levels in individuals, often due to aging or certain medical conditions. By replenishing testosterone levels, troches can help improve various aspects of health, including muscle mass, bone density, energy levels, libido, and overall well-being. The use of testosterone troches should be under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional to ensure proper dosing and monitoring of potential side effects.


A physician may contact you within 24 hours of purchase if additional information is needed.

our products come from an FDA-registered pharmacy in the united states.

Weight Loss
Erectile Dysfunction
Mental Health
Hair Replacement

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