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Experience unmatched value with our superior products that boast the highest biological activity, ensuring the utmost quality and delivering exceptional benefits to you.

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Every product in our lineup undergoes a meticulous selection and rigorous testing process led by our team of experts, guaranteeing that they meet and exceed the highest standards we have established.

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Experience the exceptional purity and optimal balance of ingredients in our supplements, as we ensure they are sourced in their purest form, setting a new standard in the marketplace.

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We are Gula World

Gula, also known as Ninkarrak, was a Mesopotamian healer and medicine woman. She was one of the most important deities in the pantheon of the ancient Sumerians, who lived in what is now modern-day Iraq between the 4th and 3rd millennium BCE.

As a healer and medicine woman, Gula was associated with both physical and spiritual health. She was believed to have the power to cure a wide range of illnesses and diseases. She was also associated with childbirth and fertility and was often invoked by women seeking a successful pregnancy.

We are an online wellness marketplace powered by AI that sells branded products to clinic clients under the following categories:

Weight Loss (WL)

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Sleep (RS)

Pain (Inflammation)

Mental Health (Stress, Depression, Anxiety)

Hair Replacement

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What are the Benefits of Supplements?

Unlock Your Potential with Premium Supplements
Nutritional support
They can provide essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary for overall health.
Convenience and accessibility
Supplements provide a convenient way to obtain nutrients without relying solely on food sources.
Targeted support
Supplements can be formulated to address specific health concerns or support particular body systems.
Personalized approach
Depending on your individual health goals and needs, supplements can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Our commitment to excellence drives us to source the finest ingredients and employ rigorous quality control measures.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being by providing premium supplements, health and beauty products, supported by exceptional customer service and valuable educational resources.

Our vision is to be a trusted leader in the industry, inspiring and guiding people on their journey towards holistic wellness. We envision a world where individuals embrace self-care, make informed choices about their health, and experience the transformative power of natural supplements, leading to happier, healthier lives.

Our Impact

At Gula World, we are passionate about creating a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of our clients and the broader community.

Our commitment goes beyond just providing high-quality supplements and health products.


Our commitment lies in providing you with top-notch products!

Many of the vitamin products available in the market are manufactured using synthetic chemicals that are not easily recognized or processed by the human body. These artificial compounds, although designed to mimic the structure of naturally occurring vitamins, often lack the intricate complexity and synergy found in their organic counterparts. Consequently, our bodies may struggle to effectively utilize and derive the full benefits from these synthetic forms of vitamins.

Moreover, the minerals incorporated into these products are often present in forms that the body finds challenging to absorb and utilize efficiently. While minerals are essential for various bodily functions, including enzyme activity, bone health, and nerve transmission, their bioavailability plays a crucial role in determining their effectiveness. Unfortunately, certain mineral forms used in many commercial vitamin products do not easily dissolve or interact with the body's natural mechanisms for absorption, resulting in suboptimal utilization and potential wastage.

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